Rappelling at Kajeguda

Great adventures are all around us. This weekend on 05-11-2017 i.e Sunday had a wonderful adventure and experience with rappelling at Kajeguda. Met some great people who are passionate about Travel, Adventures, and sports. Credits should be given to HATS(Hyderabad Adventurers & Trekkers Club) Organizers  Kishore, Sai and Hemanth for organizing such beautiful event.

What is Rappelling?

Rappelling, also known as Abseiling is a unique skill used for controlled descent from high vertical faces. Climbers use this method when the slope is too steep and dangerous to descend or want to save time. Well trained instructors in HATS will guide you to fun and safe adventure.

As this is a beginner camp only we rappelled 50-60 Feet Hard Rock Mountain.

HATS Organizers gathered all adventurers at Raidurgam Police Station and we were totally around 25 members. From Raidurgam Police station it is 3 KM drive to Kajeguda. We all started at 6:20 AM and reached the place around 6:40 AM.¬† And then all the fun started….:)

Sharing some of the pics in this event

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